The 7th TRIZ Symposium 2011 in Japan

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Sept. 8, 2011 (Thu) through Sept.10 (Sat), 2011 (3days)

Toshiba Kenshu Center (Yokohama city, Japan)

Held by
The Japan TRIZ Society, NPO (JTS)

Main theme
Creative Person, Innovative Organization!

#To provide an opportunity for openly presenting, discussing, and communicating on TRIZ,a methodology for creative problem solving and innovation, and its related areas.
#To encourage the improvement of the TRIZ methodology itself and to enhance penetration promotion and application of TRIZ.
#To provide opportunities for making personal relationships among the people interested in and working with TRIZ in Japan and in the World, and to encourage the understanding and penetration of TRIZ.

To openly call for contributions of presentations and participation not only from Japan but also from all over the world, so as to make the Symposium an open conference.
#To help establish deeper and wider understanding of TRIZ and promote real use of TRIZ in industries and in academia.
#To introduce and penetrate TRIZ widely into people engaged in SMEs and at schools.
#A Symposium primarily Japanese national and partially (but as much as possible) international.
#To hold the General Assembly Meeting of Japan TRIZ Society within the Symposium period.

#Opening Address by Toshihiro Hayashi, Chairperson of the Japan TRIZ Society
"On opening the Symposium"

#Keynote Lecture by Dr. Simon Litvin (TRIZ Master, GEN3 Partners, USA)
"Main Parameters of Value: TRIZ-based Tool Connecting Business Challenges to Technical Problems in Product Process Innovation"

#Invited Lecture by Shunsuke Suzuki (Keieigiho Co., Ltd.)
"Equivalent Transforming Thinking"

#Special Interest Lectures
by.Osamu Kumasaka (Kumasaka Professional Engineer Consulting Office)
"Position of TRIZ in the Problem-solution Tool System - TRIZ Utilization from the Point of AverageEngineers' View"

by Kiyoshi Shikakura (Invention Machine Japan K.K.)
"Goldfire Innovation Software - Recent Developments"

by Teruyuki kamimurab(Ideation Japan Inc.)
"Ideation-TRIZ Software"

by Masatoshi Hotta and Mr. Yoshihisa Konishi (Inventive Technology Initiative)
"Software Tools of CREAX and IFR (Only Japanese version available)

by Toru Nakagawa (Osaka Gakuin Univ.)
"USIT: A New Paradigm for Creative Problem Solving - Its Concept and usage -"

#Agenda    Sheet(PDF)     Table(PDF)

#Abstracts    from Overseas(PDF)     from Japan(PDF)

#A group photograph of participants (JPEG)

#Commended Presentations
"Inventive Problem Solving Course in a Graduate School - Rebuilding Japan by Education as a Nation of Leading Technology by Akihiko Ikeda (Sony Corp.) and Prof .Masao Ishihama (Kanagawa Institute of Tech.)

"Activities for TRIZ Penetration into Hitachi Group and Some Typical Application Cases by Setsuo Arita (Hitachi, Ltd.)

"Promotion of Scientific Methods Including TRIZ - Challenge to the Output against Time in the Development Field - by Takashi Ogata and Naohisa Nakahara (Olympus Corp.)

"Application of I-TRIZ for invention enhancement: Improvement of patent quality through secondary problem solving by Shunsuke Migita (Prezio IP Firm) and Mr. Yohei Takahashi (IRus IP Firm)

"Introduction of the collaborative activity of KT Method & TRIZ to improve Hard Disk Drive’s Quality and Reliability by Kazushi Tsuwako et al. (Hitachi GST Japan, Ltd.)