Aug. 31(Thu) through Sept. 2(Sat), 2006 (3 days)

Matsushita's Pana-Hills Osaka, Suita City, Osaka, Japan
(10-1 Aobaoka Minami, Suita 565-0802 Osaka Prefecture, Japan)

Held by
Collaborative Board of TRIZ Promoters and Users in Japan

#To provide an opportunity for openly presenting, discussing, and communicating on TRIZ,
a methodology for creative problem solving and innovation, and its related areas
#To encourage the improvement of the TRIZ methodology itself and to enhance penetration,
promotion and application of TRIZ.
#To provide opportunities for making personal relationships among the people interested
in and working with TRIZ in Japan and in the world, and to encourage the understanding
and penetration of TRIZ.

#To openly call for contributions of presentations and participation not only from Japan but
also from all over the world, so as to make the Symposium an open conference.
#To help establish deeper and wider understanding of TRIZ and promote real use of TRIZ in
industries and in academia.
To introduce TRIZ and make it to penetrate widely into people engaged in SMEs and at schools.
#A Symposium primarily Japanese national and partially (but as much as possible) international.

#Keynote Lecture by Mr.Hans-Juergen Linde,Mr.Gunther Herr
Innovation of the Integrated Product and Process Development by WOIS -
Contradiction Oriented Innovation Strategy

#Keynote Lecture by Mr.Ed Sickafus
A Simple Theory Underlying Structured Problem-Solving Methodologies -
ASIT, TRIZ, USIT (and others)


The 2nd TRIZ Symposium 2006 in Japan

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