Sept. 10(Thurs) through Sept. 12(Sat), 2009 (3 days)

National Women's Education Center, Japan (NWEC)
(728 Sugaya, Ranzan-machi, Hiki-gun, Saitama, 355-0292, Japan)

Held by
The Japan TRIZ Society, NPO (JTS)


#To provide an opportunity for openly presenting, discussing, and communicating on TRIZ, a methodology for creative problem solving and innovation, and its related areas.
#To encourage the improvement of the TRIZ methodology itself and to enhance penetration, promotion and application of TRIZ.
#To provide opportunities for making personal relationships among the people interested in and working with TRIZ in Japan and in the World, and to encourage the understanding and penetration of TRIZ.

#To openly call for contributions of presentations and participation not only from Japan but also from all over the world, so as to make the Symposium an open conference.
#To help establish deeper and wider understanding of TRIZ and promote real use of TRIZ in industries and in academia.
#A Symposium primarily Japanese domestic and partially (but as much as possible)international.
#To hold the General Assembly Meeting of Japan TRIZ Society within the Symposium period.

#Pre Sessions 10:00~12:00 on Sept. 10

"Tutorial":Yojiro Fukushima (Panasonic Corp.)
"Preliminary session"

#Keynote Lecture by Boris Zlotin (Ideaton International Inc., USA)
"Use of TRIZ for Prediction of the Future of Technological Systems"

#Keynote Lecture by Darrell Mann (Systematic Innovation, UK)
"TRIZ:Necessary But Not Sufficient"

#Agenda   Sheet   Table

#Commended Presentations
Case Study of Introducing and Applying TRIZ to Real Projects for Obtaining Results(=Profits) (Part2) by Tomohiko Katagiri, Toshiaki Tsuchisawa and Shuichi Hosaka (Koganei Co., Ltd.)

Concept Design of a Child-Seat by TRIZ Style Problem Identification
by Masao Ishihama and Minami Hamada (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)

Practical Use of Scientific Creative Techniques for the Development of Telecommunication Devices by Shoji Takahiro and Yusuke Koga (Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd.)

The 5th TRIZ Symposium 2009 in Japan

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